Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seem to have it all: thriving music careers, energetic personalities, and they're even known as country's hottest couple. You know what else they have? A hilarious sense of humor. When rumors of divorce recently started circulating, they addressed them in a very 'them' way.

"Hey @mirandalambert... I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart!!!" Shelton tweeted to his wife. She replied, tongue-in-cheek, with, "Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not." Obviously, they found it rather humorous -- and untrue -- that they were on the road to a breakup.

Shelton, currently coach on 'The Voice' replied, "Ba! Ha! Ha! You see y'all!!! I'm making her funnier!!!" But, Lambert definitely outdid him with her perfect response, which will certainly put all the gossip mills to rest. She tweeted back to her husband: "@blakeshelton why are we tweeting each other when we are literally laying an inch apart? Wait…don't answer that…..:) #keepitclean"

From the sound of it, everything is more than great in the Lambert-Shelton household... their romance is as spicy as their personalities!

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