Power couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have said before that a baby in their family is a few years away, but they may be re-thinking their stance on a little bundle of joy in their household, as rumors regarding a Lambert-Shelton baby have recently surfaced.

“Miranda has been super busy touring — and Blake’s got his own three-month tour starting in July — but after this summer she says she wants to slow down and focus on having a baby," a source tells Hollywood Life.

Of course, it may just be another baby rumor, as anything not coming directly from the country stars' mouths is likely to be embellished, just as the divorce rumors thankfully were shot down in a hurry. But country fans certainly all ears when it comes to the couple's baby plans.

The unnamed source adds, "Blake says he’s ready too. Actually, if it were up to him, they’d already have [a kid] running around." The 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' hitmaker has recently opened up about their family plans, and perhaps Lambert and Shelton are warming up to the idea of having a few little 'boys 'round here,' or girls, for that matter.

The singers both lead very busy lives, so only time will tell if they're thinking about adding to their happy, pet-filled family. One thing's for sure: The couple will stick together through thick and thin, with or without babies, providing a great example of committed love to the whole entertainment industry.

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