While he's been crowned the Sexiest Man Alive for 2017, that doesn't mean Blake Shelton is confident in all aspects of his life, and he's opening up about why he thinks nobody should ever see him naked.

"No! Oh Christ, I wouldn’t do that to anybody," he tells People when asked if he ever walks around his house without clothes, joking that he looks like "half melted, vanilla ice cream with little hairs stuck to it."

"I wouldn’t want my dog to have to see me naked," he quips.

Shelton is only in his 40s, but it seems that he's already feeling the effects of age — and girlfriend Gwen Stefani has no problem teasing him about it.

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"And lately, things like, I don’t know, gout, and a back going out. Or my knees are constantly bothering me," Shelton, who's seven years younger than Stefani, explains. "Those are things she’s like, ‘Aha! How do you like that? You’re 41 now, Blake.’ She teases me about my age.”

Though she may poke fun from time to time, Stefani thinks Shelton couldn't be more deserving of the honorary title. "He’s perfect for it," she says. "Somebody that is funny and has a sense of humor is sexy — that’s the No. 1 thing."

But the country star is determined to keep himself in shape and his body agile, although it hasn't always come easy to him. "I think I like exercising more than I ever have, just because I know that it’s easy for it to get away from me at my age now. But I’ve never been good at it," he says.

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