Keith Urban and Blake Shelton have a lot of similarities, but it's their differences that will decide which of these two stars moves on to Round 2 of March Man-Ness. It's a fan battle to decide country's hottest male from a sizzling hot pool of 32. Which of these two is worthy of your vote? 

Shelton may have the edge as a vocalist, but Urban is the better writer. Both men are a part of hit TV shows, both men have knee-buckling smiles and both men are confident standing behind their talented wives. Perhaps the 'Cop Car' singer is more of a fitness buff, but the most chiseled star may not win this competition ... that's up to you!

Vote for your favorite once every hour until the Round 1 poll closes at 11:59PM ET on March 16, 2014. The winner of this round will face either Luke Bryan or Billy Currington. All four come from the Lady Killer bracket. The remaining three brackets will be revealed later this week.

Taste of Country March Man-Ness