In 'Can't Live Without,' country newcomer Blake Wise is looking for a good woman and a little sympathy. Wise sings about his worn-out heart and how he's hoping Ms. Tonight can turn into Mrs. Right.

The song begins with, "I Oughta be out on the town with some good friends / But you can only have so much fun with the same sins / Got a couple of girls I could call almost any time / After nine on Friday night / Yeah, but that wouldn't feel right."

Honestly, there are more sympathetic characters than a good-looking man with a gaggle of loose women waiting for his call. The story lacks the warmth or sweetness that Wise is no-doubt hopeful fans will warm up to.

"So I ain't looking to settle for second best / Just another warm shoulder to lay my head / There's times that I've been tempted, but I ain't that lonely yet / When I see her I'll know it and at that very moment / There will be no doubt / I ain't looking for someone to live with / I'm looking for someone I can't live without."

'Can't Live Without' isn't a particularly well-produced song either. Wise's vocals seem distant, and the way he shies away from grabbing ahold of this song shows nervousness, or perhaps lack of self-confidence. We hope he's able to overcome those new-kid anxieties and that he'll get a chance to record a batch of songs he can't hold back on, 'cause this isn't his winner.

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