Parmalee and Blanco Brown have teamed up for a new feel-good track, "Just the Way." Press play above to listen.

"I love you just the way God made you / Girl, he don't make mistakes / What you call your imperfections / I call beautiful, babe," goes the sweet new song. "So let my eyes be your mirror / And you're bound to see it too / 'Cause I was made for loving / Just the way God made you."

Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas effortless harmonizes alongside Brown — the band and Brown have been friends for years and ave had numerous co-writing sessions together.

"Hearing ‘Just the Way,’ we knew it was a special song," Thomas, who co-wrote the song with Kevin Bard and Nolan Sipe, says in a press release. "As a band, we just needed that fifth element to help us deliver the message. We’ve been friends with Blanco for a few years now and have been waiting on the right song to collab on.

"Not only is he a great singer but he’s all about purpose, positivity and meaning," Thomas adds of Brown. "For us, it was a no-brainer to get him on this song."

"I thought the message of this song was so beautiful when I first heard it," Blanco says of their new song. "I love the way that it is filled with positivity and celebrates life’s imperfections. I appreciate Parmalee for including me on this track and helping to share purpose with the world."

Parmalee and Blanco debuted "Just the Way" during a Sunday Night Football halftime performance on Dec. 1.

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