Brad Paisley has agreed to make a dream come true for a young musician named Blaze -- and the guitarist has YouTube to thank for it.

According to his website, Blaze got his first guitar at the age of five -- the same year he saw his first Kiss concert and decided that he would devote his life to music. He has been playing professionally since age 12, and gigs with his band around Las Vegas. He has developed a lightning-fast pick technique that incorporates influences from classic blues to metal and '70s arena rock, but in recent years he has become enamored of country music, which first caught his ear due to Paisley's technical proficiency on the guitar.

The young guitarist set his sights on getting to jam with Paisley, and he wrote and recorded a song titled 'Brad Paisley' that is based around the tag line, "I wanna jam with Brad Paisley."

The song details all the things the young musician would be willing to do to make that dream come true -- including mowing Paisley's lawn -- and features him in a number of humorous situations with someone who's had Paisley's face dubbed in over his own. The track's outro also features Blaze in a jaw-dropping trade-off guitar solo, partly as himself, and partly as "Paisley," in which he emulates Brad's style in places.

It didn't take long for Blaze to get his wish. He posted the video to YouTube on Jan. 20, and the following day, Paisley himself took to Twitter to accept his offer.

There's no word yet as to when the jam might take place -- but we can't wait to see that video.

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