Brad Paisley is tired of all the songs about trucks and tailgates, too.

The singer is quick to say these popular country tracks that rely on women with their tan legs on the truck dashboard aren’t bad songs. There are just too many. “I’m just saying that we as writers can do better,” he tells People.

“And when we come around to a little more diversity lyrically on the radio, we can go back and say the word 'tailgate' again and not have people cringe," he adds. "It's everything in moderation."

Paisley is frustrated by what he’s hearing on country radio and urging the men (“and specifically, yes, guys, cause there are no girls!”) to try something different. “We can say something too," Paisley insists. "There are phrases that are totally cliché that we as songwriters owe it to ourselves to not use again."

The ‘Perfect Storm’ singer says he tried to do that on his most recent ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ album. Other hitmakers like Kenny Chesney and Jake Owen have made similar statements in recent months.

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