Brad Paisley's video for "Crushin' It" features the singer and all of his famous country superstar friends ... as cartoon superheroes! Paisley went above and beyond for the animated video, drawing and doing absolutely everything himself. As the video says, it's "his fault."

Labeled as classified footage, the clip shows an "elite team of weekend vigilantes" that go "undercover as country singers." They fight against beer cans that are taking over the world, and while that may not sound all that frightening, very few people could handle the job like these characters.

Paisley enlisted all of his friends who have above-par abilities to crush cans and gave them identities and code names. The superheroes, dubbed Agents of Crush, are led by the one and only Paisley, who dons a blue and silver suit for the task — and of course, his cowboy hat. He calls himself the Steel Moonshiner, and Captain Australia (Keith Urban), Carrie UnderWoman (Carrie Underwood), Agua Man (Kenny Chesney), Derx Skydrinker (Dierks Bentley) and Zoro Brown Bandaleros (Zac Brown Band) all step up to the plate to assist in the 'important' task of crushin' the cans.

Can you figure out who Beavis and Butthead are supposed to be? Who else can you spot? Luke Bryan (and his thrusts) also make an appearance, while Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert also drink beer and crush cans and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill suit up in superhero swag.

Watch the full video for "Crushin' It" above and be prepared to be amazed at Paisley's animation skills!

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