Brad Paisley joined Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas last night (July 26) in Washington, D.C. for a special appearance on the Future Now Tour. Paisley walked out on stage for his duet with Lovato on their new single "Without a Fight," as well as Lovato's poignant "Stone Cold."

All smiles, Lovato danced along on stage while Paisley impressed with his guitar solo during "Without a Fight." Afterward, Jonas joined the singing partners as he settled into a seat at the piano. The three then collaborated on Lovato's beautiful ballad "Stone Cold."

Watch the three artists perform together in the Facebook video above.

Lovato is enjoying her spotlight in the country genre and has previously said that country fans may be hearing more from her in the future. As it turns out, her mother used to sing country music.

“I’m a big country fan, I’m actually a fan of his,” Lovato admits of Paisley. “I grew up listening to country music. My mom was a country singer and being able to sing it finally has been kind of like a dream come true. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more of it.”

Paisley and Lovato first met at the iHeart Music Awards and developed a great chemistry as friends. Paisley stood in as Lovato’s guitar player during the iHeart Awards for her performance of her song “Stone Cold.”

“I thought for sure she was going to be full-blown diva that walks in with entourage and feather boa in the middle of the day,” he jokes.

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