Brad Paisley and Demi Lovato may not have much in common, but the two definitely have fun together, if the new video for “Without a Fight” is any indication.

The setting has a grunge vibe. The artists sing together in a dingy brick and concrete barn with sparse, flickering lighting and a retro mic hanging from the ceiling, Lovato with a gray flannel tied around her waist, and both donning leather jackets. As they sing, an effect reminiscent of vintage spotty film strips is overlaid on the singers, and additional vintage scenes are interspersed with their performance, some showing on-theme images like a nuclear bomb explosion.

Though the upbeat tune has an air of sexual tension to it, the artists take more of a playful tone in the video, pretending to dramatically push one another away, singing toward the camera and occasionally breaking character to crack up.

Even in an ever-evolving world of genre-blurring, Lovato may have seemed like an out-of-the-box choice for Paisley on the duet, but once fans hear their voices together, they won’t question his choice. Her powerhouse pop vocals lend a fun sensibility to the song and blend surprisingly well with Paisley’s low twang.

“Without a Fight” earned Paisley’s career-best radio adds the week of its release in late May, and the song serves as the first single off his upcoming new record, which is slated to include several other unique pairings. The singer-songwriter says the album will feature Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and even hip-hop producer Timbaland.

“I wanted the collaborations on this record to be collaborations that took me outside of what you’d typically think and brought that other world into this, but it’s also very country,” Paisley says.

Paisley is performing at Country Jam in Colorado Friday night (June 17) amid his Life Amplified Tour, which kicked off May 19 with Maddie & Tae.

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