"Without a Fight," Brad Paisley’s new duet with Demi Lovato, proves that sexy is the new black. Paisley's guitar-driven love song finds him between tangled sheets, speaking of his most carnal desires.

Paisley doesn't take fans into the bedroom often, but with Lovato, he wonders why two lovers can’t skip the fighting and go straight to the red hot making up. “Good as we are at getting it on / How come we just can’t get along,” he asks to begin the chorus of "Without a Fight."

The country singer wrote the song with Kelley Lovelace and Lee Thomas Miller and says it was one of the first he created for his upcoming studio album. The song is structured similarly to many of the hits in his catalog, with Paisley's familiar telecaster becoming a third collaborator before the final, cathartic chorus. It’s here one appreciates what Lovato brings to "Without a Fight." Her voice reaches glass-shattering octaves.

The pairing finds two singers trading a few lyrics, but mostly singing alongside one another. Harmonizing isn’t quite the right word, as Lovato is hardly hanging back during her most expressive moments. After the newness of Paisley including a pop star on his country record wears off, fans will focus on the story within "Without a Fight," which is familiar and very, very relatable.

Did You Know?: Paisley says his April performance with Lovato at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards set this collaboration in motion.

Listen to Brad Paisley (Feat. Demi Lovato), "Without a Fight"

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Brad Paisley (Feat. Demi Lovato)'s "Without a Fight" Lyrics:

“There’s a tangled mess of sheets on the bed / The lack of sleep pounding in my head / We both regret some of the things we said / But we love the way it ended.”

“Sometimes I think we hurt each other / Just because of where it’ll lead / And sometimes I think we’re fighting just to be lovers / And all so needlessly.”

“Good as we are at getting it on / How come we just can’t get along / The way we love it don’t seem right / The way we fuss, the way we fight / I’ve got a crazy idea / How ‘bout maybe tonight we make up without a fight.”

“They say don’t go to bed angry that’s true / But it’s really something when we do / Madder you make me the more I want you / Girl I admit it.”

“Sometimes I think it couldn’t be any better / And I couldn’t want you more / And sometimes I think we don’t belong together / Confusing love and war.”

“We ain’t giving up without a fight / We can make up without a fight / No we ain’t giving up / We can make up.”

“Good as we are at getting it on / How ‘bout maybe tonight we make up without a fight.”

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