Brad Paisley fans were quite an unruly bunch in upstate New York this weekend. According to the website of the Batavian, a local newspaper, over 50 Paisley fans got themselves arrested or given citations for a variety of reasons during the singer's concert at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. Who knew Paisley-ians were so rowdy? But we guess that's what happens when good music gets mixed with hormones, heat, a little booze and other "refreshments." It appears that a few attendees got out of control.

The concert took place this past Saturday, July 23, and over 50 concertgoers -- ranging in age from 17 to 33 and beyond -- were charged with things like possession of controlled substances, fighting with security guards, resisting arrest, underage drinking and driving while intoxicated. The names of the underage offenders were not printed to protect their identities.

Paisley did address the matter via Twitter, posting a tweet that read: "Quite a performance in [Darien Lake] Saturday. We also played music."

While Paisley indeed played music to adoring and law abiding citizens, some of his fans appeared to have done a whole lot more. However, the behavior of a few rowdy youths in the summer who just so happen to be his fans certainly does not reflect on the singer whatsoever, and Paisley shows are always a fun events to attend.

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