Just because his new album has been released doesn't mean the shenanigans are over for Brad Paisley! The star called into a radio show this week and dished out his boss' personal phone number.

Paisley's record label fought back -- in hilarious ways -- after the singer began leaking his new album on social media. The folks at Sony Nashville recently released the singer's email address to allow fans to email the 'River Bank' singer, and boy, have they!

"I have 18,000," Paisley tells Houston radio station the Bull. Despite the mass amount of mail, he's still trying to respond.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time going through those, and it’s impossible to see them all, so if I skip somebody’s whose is really meaningful, I’m sorry, it’s not my fault ... the ones that I’m see, I’m actually emailing back," the singer shares. "Some of them are so hilarious and they’re just creative. There’s one of ‘em, one of ‘em I saw yesterday, basically the subject was ‘Nipples and Beer’ and I opened it up and it said, ‘Just wanted your attention. How you doin'?'"

Paisley is clearly being a good sport about his personal info being leaked, but that doesn't mean he won't retaliate. In fact, he's so grateful to get to interact with his fans on such a personal level, he wants them to let the label know how much they love 'Moonshine in the Trunk' ... by calling his boss directly.

“I think you should thank them! I think you should thank in particular Gary Overton at my label," Paisley jokes. "He’s such a good guy. He really is, and he didn’t know what I was going to be doing through these songs, and I think I about gave him a heart attack and he was really supportive in the end. Even when he leaked my email address, he was supportive. You guys know how to contact him, right?"

If you didn't before, you do now. Paisley called out what he claims is Overton's personal phone number -- (615) 944-7442 -- saying, "you should just call him." He says fans can thank him for the music and that they should even sing for the label head in hopes of scoring their own record deal.

Adds Paisley, "If you know anybody that’s a good singer, or you wanna say, 'Hey here’s my voice,' sing to him on the phone.'”

We're sure Overton's voicemail box will have 18,000 messages in no time, too.

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