There was a whole lot of riffing going on at the closing of this year's CMT 'Artists of the Year' ceremony. Brad Paisley, who was one of the five honored, strapped on his beloved guitar and engaged in a little jam session with Eagles' guitarist Joe Walsh.

Walsh began their mash-up performance with his signature song, 'Life's Been Good.' After performing the first few minutes of the song, he and Paisley switched over to Paisley's 'Camouflage,' which is perhaps why Paisley was wearing a camo blazer!

While Paisley and Walsh are both guitar gods in two separate genres, the pair narrowed the generational and genre gap with their playing. The guitar knows no inherent boundaries and limits, and the duo played off one another seamlessly. Walsh, in his sparkly black jacket, was having as good a time as Paisley, surrounded by country music's elite.

William Shatner, who presented his good friend with the Artist of the Year award, delivered a verse or two in his spoken word style. Yep, this is country music.

Watch Brad Paisley and Joe Walsh Perform Together at CMT 'Artists of the Year' Special