Brad Paisley is one of five country stars to join John Fogerty on his new solo album, 'Wrote a Song for Everyone.' The country superstar calls working with the rock superstar a "dream come true" in this video, exclusive to Taste of Country. Fans get a glimpse of their work in the recording studio as they listen to a new version of 'Hot Rod Heart.'

Fogerty originally recorded the song for his album 'Blue Moon Swamp' in 1997, for which he won a Grammy. 'Wrote a Song for Everyone' is a collection of songs from throughout the former Creedence Clearwater Revival member's long career. Each cut has been reworked to allow his collaborators to put their stamps on the music.

"He's somebody that stands for all the things that are important to me," Paisley says of the legend. Later he explains the influence Fogerty had on his own music and career. Paisley finds similarities in the way he and the rock legend approach their sound -- both show a willingness to tackle social topics in song.

As for the recording of the song, Paisley explains why he chose that song and speaks of how the pair spent time in studio before returning home to both work on solos. They traded ideas back and forth, almost competing with one another. It was a "garage session," he explains. "It's all about getting out on the open road with a machine that's been tuned up, and that's kind of similar in the way we approached it."

Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson also make appearances on 'Wrote a Song for Everyone,' in stores and at digital retailers May 28. The collection of 14 songs includes two new originals, 'Mystic Highway' and 'Train of Fools.'