Brad Paisley's got a new hit single on the radio and an album release date on May's calendar. But today, Paisley probably has family in mind above all else -- and he has Taste of Country to thank for reminding him it's Mother's Day!

We had the 'Old Alabama' singer on the phone just a few days ago, and when we got to talking about whether he and his two young sons had any surprises in store for wife (and mama to 4-year-old Huck and 2-year-old Jasper) Kimberly, he had a small confession: "Well, I don't know." Paisley laughed and added, "Thanks for reminding me! I appreciate it."

OK, Paisley sort of has an excuse for almost flaking on his lucky lady, since he does have a pretty full work schedule right now promoting 'This Is Country Music,' his new full-length record. Fortunately, there's a go-to gift option in a time like this.

"Flowers, probably?" Paisley suggested. "You know, pick some out of the front yard, and walk in and pretend I bought 'em."

It's likely that Paisley was just kidding around about that. Of course, having little Huck and Jasper help him pick the flowers and pair them with some homemade Mother's Day cards today would be enough to melt our hearts, if we were in Kimberly's shoes.

Having two kids under the age of 5 comes in handy in other scenarios, too. When Paisley wants positive feedback about his new music, he can always count on his children to show some support.

"They like whatever I kind of tell them to like, at this age. I told them to like the whole thing, and therefore they do," funny guy Paisley said of the new album.

'This Is Country Music' -- which welcomes Alabama on current single 'Old Alabama,' as well as a duet with Carrie Underwood, tunes featuring Don Henley and Blake Shelton, a collaborative track with Sheryl Crow/Marty Stuart/Carl Jackson, and even a song with Clint Eastwood -- will be available on May 23.

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