The song 'Nobody's Fool' from the 'Cars 2' soundtrack is unlike any Brad Paisley has ever recorded. The 'Old Alabama' singer tells Reuters, "It's me doing more of an Eric Clapton-type blues ballad about the saddest part in the film, when Mater realizes that since people think he's playing the part of a fool, he is a fool. But Mater also realizes that's just who he is, and that was inspiring to me."

Hopefully, Paisley finds the new style is a good fit. From time to time artists reinvent themselves in subtle ways, and this "bluesy" Brad Paisley is one that will have fans and non fans giving their radios a second glance. It's still honest and simple -- what is Paisley if not these two things? -- but the addition of keyboards and the grittier guitar work add a new dimension to Paisley's brand.

"Now I'm nobody's fool / I missed the way it was before / Don't wanna be nobody's fool / I wanna be your, your, yours," Paisley sings during the chorus. This isn't his most powerful or emotional performance, but he is singing in the role of Tow Mater's conscience. He matches the depth of the character, while cautiously avoiding turning the spotlight upon himself.

The second verse goes, "Well you know what they say / The truth sets you free / And that's just great unless you don't wanna be / You can keep the last laugh, 'cause I don't like how it feels / When you save face, but your heart breaks / Well you've cut the wrong deal." It's a story that describes the pickle America's favorite tow truck has found himself in, but also one that can describe any relationship gone sour. Of Paisley's two tracks on the 'Cars 2' soundtrack, 'Nobody's Fool' is by far the more powerful.

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