Brad Paisley's new 'River Bank' music video is a party. And what could be better than a party on the river with a country superstar? A party on the river with Paisley and Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel, of course.

For those who are unfamiliar with the infamous squirrel Twiggy, he climbed to fame beginning in an act by Chuck and Lou Ann Best, on 'Real People' in 1979. He was featured skiing around in a heated pool, and since then has been on numerous television shows, newspaper articles, websites, and now a country music video.

The video begins when the tiny gray squirrel is placed on some squirrel-sized waterskis, and takes off behind a miniature remote-controlled boat. He joins Paisley's riverside party, complete with girls in bikinis, guys in swimming trunks, red Solo cups, and an all-around good time. Who wouldn't have fun while watching a real-life squirrel water skiing?

Paisley plays his guitar while knee-deep in water, and his drummer's set is actually immersed in the river. Throughout the video, Twiggy zooms around while Paisley and company take tequila shots, drive around on the boat, and jump into the water.

By the end of the video, Twiggy is soaking wet, resembling a drowned rat more than a squirrel, but he looks like he had a lot of fun helping Paisley make his video extra squirrely!