A lucky high school got the commencement speaker of a lifetime in Brad Paisley, who showed up at Barrington High School's graduation ceremony on June 2.

Seniors at the school in Barrington, Ill., won a contest Paisley held that called on graduates to post on Instagram or Twitter what “Last Time” they were going to miss most about high school — an homage to his tune “Last Time for Everything.” The Barrington students went above and beyond for the contest, putting together a creative, elaborate video featuring scenes of them mattress-surfing down a flight of stairs, pushing their dean into a swimming pool and hitting golf balls onto the football field.

The principal showed the video at graduation, then mused, "As I watched this video I wondered, what would Brad Paisley say if he was giving this speech?” effectively cluing the kids in to the big surprise as Paisley walked onstage.

Paisley commended the grads for their creativity and shared his own dose of wisdom before launching into a performance.

"Nobody beat that — that video you guys made was amazing. I’m going to play a couple songs for you before you go out and make the world a better place,” he said. “My advice to you, as you go through life, is to enjoy the moments. Make memories, enjoy them and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

After playing “Letter to Me,” “Today,” and “Last Time for Everything,” Paisley sent the teenagers off with: “Go change the world, you all!”

Paisley apparently has a soft spot for graduating seniors — he also just invited two other classes of graduates to come to a rehearsal for his Weekend Warrior Tour, which just kicked off. His new album, Love and War, is available now.

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