Brandon Ray's new single "Ends of the Earth" is an emphatic love song sung with the urgency of a man new to a relationship. His excitement for the woman he's with spills over the rims of modest and bashful.

Ray is singing about how far he'd travel to get to his lover — 20 time zones, rural Mexico and the moon are all attractive destinations if this beauty awaits him. Lyrically it's a deliciously over-the-top ode to inspired love that even a couple married 50 years will recognize from their courtship. One can bet this couple pours on the PDA.

"Ends of the Earth" relies on a progressive beat that's heavy on the bass. It's sonically very bright, like something you would hear on Christian radio. The music matches the message in this case.

Did You Know?: Well-known hitmakers Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Jon Nite wrote "Ends of the Earth."

Listen to Brandon Ray, "Ends of the Earth"

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Brandon Ray's "Ends of the Earth" Lyrics:

Ten thousands miles on gravel roads / Hitch hike my way through Mexico / Red eye straight through twenty time zones / All alone.

Just to feel you breathe / Just to see you smile / Just to hold your hand / For a little while. 

I’d go to the ends of the earth for you / To the moon and back like it ain’t nothing new / When i got my arms wrapped around you girl / It’s like i'm holding the whole wide world / You’re the closest thing to heaven / This side of that sun setting / And i won’t stop till i’ve been to the ends of the earth for you / Woah, woah 

I’d bottle up this town / Put it in your hands somehow / I’d tell you my home’s your home now / I’d kiss away the doubt / Just to see your eyes / Feel your heartbeat dance / If it was all i had to give / I'd give you a fighting chance/

Just to see you in the headlights / And hear you laugh / I’d cross oceans and valleys / And mountains and every highway / Just like that.

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