While Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are household names for fans of country music, many have never heard of newcomer Brandy Clark.

Clark was nominated for two Grammys this year, one for Best Country Album and one for Best New Artist. But the singer-songwriter says she isn't bothered by the fact that many fans don't know her name just yet.

"It surprises me when people aren’t surprised that I got those nominations," she says in a recent interview with CMT. "It doesn’t surprise me when people are like, 'Who is Brandy Clark?' That doesn’t surprise me. "I actually love that because I think, 'Well, now’s the time when they’re gonna find out.'"

As the only artist who was nominated for Best Country Album without the backing of a major studio, the artist knows that she didn't have the same publicity as the other nominees.

But her music speaks for itself.

Clark's songs revolve around messy, adult realities. And she has discovered that there's a big audience for this kind of vulnerable songwriting. "(Fans) want more of it," she shares. "They like to have a light shown on their frailties ... I kinda judge everything by the merch line after shows. I'll go out and sign merch and meet fans. This woman came to the merch line and she got really emotional. She said, 'I want to thank you for writing my life. The good and the bad and all of it.'"

Responses like this one are what compel Clark to continue writing her music. In addition to a blossoming career on country radio, Clark is starring in a Hee Haw musical which will make its way to Broadway. To learn when Clark will be performing at a venue near you, visit her website.

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