Fans will learn more about Brantley Gilbert in a song than during any radio or newspaper interview. The singer pours the emotions of what (and who) he left behind to chase country music dreams into his new single 'More Than Miles,' available only on the deluxe edition of his 'Halfway to Heaven' album.

Gilbert gets credit for his relentless live show and the exciting edge he's brought to country radio with songs like 'Country Must Be Country Wide' and 'Kick It in the Sticks, but he's proving to be a songwriter of the highest caliber with each new release. 'More Than Miles' is a tightly-packaged personal story that quickly resonates with anyone who's broken a heart. It's his story, but it's easy to make it our story.

"Cause I'm on my way to Tennessee / Singing 'Georgia on My Mind' / Chasing what they say's a dream / Thinking maybe it ain't mine / Cause that girl's in every song I sing / She's in every song I write / And that six string ridin' in her seat / Won't keep me warm tonight / God what am I supposed to do / There's more than miles in my rear view," Gilbert sings during the first chorus.

The Georgia-raised singer has since returned to his hometown, something that's alluded to by the end of this new single.

"Maybe I should take that picture off the dashboard / Before her memory hits the brakes and takes the wheel / Yeah I bet she's still crying on that front porch / Yeah, this time it's gonna take some time to heal," he adds during the second verse.

Fans of 'You Don't Know Know Her Like I Do' will eat this track up. After all, the only thing better than a country bad boy is a country bad boy who's not afraid to reveal his emotional scars. 'More Than Miles' isn't quite as memorable as previous singles from Gilbert's latest album (fourth singles rarely are), but it should prove to be the radio and sales hit that 'Kick It in the Sticks' didn't become.

4 Stars

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