Brantley Gilbert's 'One Hell of an Amen' video is sincere and beautiful, celebrating two fighters: a fallen soldier and a man battling cancer.

And the third single from Gilbert's 'Just as I Am' album is as personal as it is powerful. The portrayal of the young man with cancer actually represents Gilbert's real-life friend who lost his battle with the disease.

The visual for the ballad begins in an abandoned church, where Gilbert and his band are stationed, playing the song. The video cuts to a slew of bikers doing the 'From Athens to Arlington' motorcycle ride, which Gilbert completed in 2014. An American flag flies in the wind, and dog tags, home photos and the funeral procession for the honored soldier -- Jonathan E. Lootens -- are shown.

Gilbert is seen looking solemn in between clips, which is when another story begins. This time, we're taken to a doctor's office, where a young man is being told he has cancer. His response is pure bravery, as he says: "Bring it on."

The emotional 'One Hell of an Amen' video ends with the following words on the screen: "In honor of Jon and Kory, and all those who have fought the good fight."

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