Brantley Gilbert's enormous back tattoo isn't finished yet. The singer says the Second Amendment tattoo is missing one key piece, and when that's done he has plans for his mostly-empty right arm and chest.

Gilbert tells Taste of Country he wasn't trying to make a political statement when he got the tattoo earlier this month, and he was somewhat surprised to see it turn into such a big news story. “I’ve wanted that tattoo for a long time,” he says.

"And I do support my Second Amendment. I cherish that amendment. It allows me to feel safe.”

The guns are replicas of the two 1911 pistols he carries in the "Bottoms Up" video. Artist Carl Grace did those in February, and added the amendment this month. He'll come back to finish it later this year.

“My back is really my patriotic piece, so I’m gonna have a big (American) flag on it,” Gilbert says.

The singer's fiancee will join him for a tattoo after that. Gilbert admitted that when Grace comes back he'll be married, and they're planning on getting something inscribed on their ring fingers. He and Amber Cochran aren't certain what that will be quite yet.

“I’m gonna leave the rest of my chest, and my right arm and really the rest of me to family," Gilbert says, admitting that he's open to commemorating their love and marriage on his body. "I think I got enough of the rowdy, rambunctious ink.”

Next Monday the Platinum edition of Gilbert's Just As I Am will hit stores, including five new songs. His remake of "Bottoms Up" with rapper T.I. and the album's title track are two he's excited for fans to hear.

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