Brantley Gilbert says his wife Amber is legitimately concerned that their new daughter, Braylen Hendrix Gilbert, may grow to hate him. The reason? Gilbert plans to be the kind of dad you'd expect a bad boy with a bunch of tattooed, motorcycle-riding, rough-around-the-edges friends to be.

"And some of them boys have been to prison and got some experience," Gilbert says of his friends at the end of a story that details a conversation he plans to have with future boyfriends.


Baby Braylen was born on Monday (Sept. 9) in Athens, Ga., so she's got a few years to soften her old man up. Speaking to Taste of Country Nights last month, Gilbert admitted that the then-unborn baby already had him wrapped around her little finger, and his form of justice traditionally goes a little further than just speaking a few words and walking away.

Joking aside — although in fairness we're not sure how much Gilbert was joking — Gilbert says there is one serious conversation he'll need to have with both of his children sooner than most parents would. As soon as Barrett is old enough to comprehend what he reads on the internet, the 34-year-old knows he'll need to be honest about his hell-raising past, which include problems with drugs and alcohol.

"The relationship I'm gonna have to have with my kids is different than a lot of the relationships have with their kids because my life has been such a glass house," he shares. "There's a song on the record called 'Man That Hung the Moon' that talks about it."

That record is Fire & Brimstone and you can look for it to be released on Oct. 4. Watch Taste of Country Nights' full interview with Gilbert above.

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