Fans of country star Brantley Gilbert know him for his rugged sound and hit songs, but he's got a soft heart and intellect's mind.

But what they may not know is that Gilbert is surprisingly a big fan of the popular romance drama, The Notebook, and reveals another interesting tidbit about his favorite TV show in an interview with Taste of Country Nights. "I like the History Channel. I think it's 'cause it's already happened, so it can't piss me off," he admits with a laugh.

While he doesn't spend much time watching TV, opting to spend more time outdoors, Gilbert does go out of his way to tune into the History Channel's treasure-hunting show, Curse of Oak Island. "That's awesome, it's pretty cool," he says of the show. "I make a point to watch that."

Gilbert's new album, The Devil Don't Sleephit shelves on Friday (Jan. 27) and includes a whopping 16 tracks and a deluxe edition that includes several bonus songs that are live demos from his 2016 concert in Red Rocks, Colo. "All of my records are chapters of my life, so these are songs that stuck around and have been in my head and finally get a chance to let those out too," he says.

"The Weekend" singer hits the road on the Devil Don't Sleep Tour starting Feb. 2, bringing opening acts like Tucker Beathard and singer-songwriters Luke Combs and Brian Davis on tour with him — and he's gearing up for some fun. "I'm really excited to see what all these guys are bringing to the table. I know what Brian [Davis] does, but he always puts in a little extra," Gilbert says. He's also known Beathard's dad, Casey, for many years, co-writing songs with him over the course of his career. "If Tucker's anything close to a chip off the old block, we're going to have a dang good time," Gilbert says.

The title itself is intriguing, with Gilbert opening up about the inspiration behind the album's story. "Contrary to the title, it's the most positive record we've ever released," the singer says. "'The Devil Don't Sleep's' all about knowing that even though things are really, really good, you got to stay on your toes. Temptation's always there and the devil don't sleep - and I don't either."

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