You may have seen the video of Army veteran Justin Patterson giving Brantley Gilbert his Purple Heart, and you may have even heard of how the two kept in touch after their Memorial Day ride. That's not uncommon. The "One Hell of an Amen" singer says he's frequently on the phone late at night, talking to military vets who are battling demons.

Gilbert has been a vocal and active supporter of the troops overseas, as well as organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. He says it adds a lot to his life, beyond the very public events, ceremonies and YouTube videos.

"I invest in relationships so once I care about somebody, once I give a s––t about somebody I like to keep up with them and make sure they’re okay, the best I can,” Gilbert says.

It's a roller coaster. Some of his new friends relapse back into PTSD symptoms. “I find myself on phone conversations late at night, talking about things that are difficult to talk about that aren’t about me, which is really, really good for me," the singer reveals.

Few are aware that Gilbert was once working toward a degree in marriage counseling before chasing musical dreams. He's also a guy who has battled mental demons, often with alcohol and reckless behavior. He's a credible and reliable confidant for these men and women, and that's a responsibility he holds dear to his heart.

Big gestures like the Wounded Warrior Project motorcycle ride and the more recent Chatanooga Unite concert are what fans see. It's what they don't see that leads to these events, and will continue to in the years to come.

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