Brett Eldredge is looking to "Love Someone."

His glossy "Love Someone" video finds him singing the love ditty inside an airfield hanger. The singer puts on the charm as he sings all about love in the catchy, upbeat song that boasts heartfelt lyrics like, "You put the cool in the breeze / You put the weak here in the knees / You put me right where I’m supposed to be / In your blue-eyed sea / And I wanna sail away."

It's a simple set where Eldredge is the star — two spotlights keep the focus on him.

Brett Eldredge's Fans Didn't See THIS Coming!

Eldredge released this "Love Someone" video as part of his Airwaves Sessions series, introducing fans to the new tracks off his self-titled album. He also performed "The Long Way," "No Stopping You" and "Castaway," the latter of which he also filmed a rendition of inside the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

“It’s kind of crazy to see an album cover with just your name on it. I think that shows what I want to say with this album. Maybe it takes a little bit of guts to put out a self-titled album — but if it’s 100% honestly you, then that should come across through the music," Eldredge says about the album in a press release. "That’s my name and I hope my fans love me for me. Hopefully they feel the connection of these songs and they help them through their everyday lives. Because that’s why I make this music.”

The Brett Eldredge You Know: In Front of the Camera

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