Though Brett Eldredge's upcoming album is still in the preliminary stages, he's already introducing new music to fans.

Following the release of his latest single, "Something I’m Good At," Eldredge is performing a selection of new songs while out on the road with Luke Bryan on the Kill the Lights Tour. So far, the singer has offered fans a listen into three new songs: “Superhero,” “Long Way Around” and “Sure Feels Good to Love Someone.”

In a YouTube video posted from a show in Fayetteville, N.C., Eldredge can be heard singing "Superhero," which appears to be a lively track about a girl who has faced her share of hardships and is in need of a "superhero."

Before diving into a performance of “Long Way Around” in Greenville, S.C., the country star told the crowd how he wanted to write a song that "got deeper into love." "The kind of love that I’m looking for: the kind of love that, you want to know everything about that person. I wrote this song about that,” Eldredge says of the track.

Watch Brett Eldredge Sing "Long Way Around" in Concert

"Sure Feels Good to Love Someone” is the most spirited of the three songs with its radio-friendly vibe and lyrics like “You laugh at the way I dance / You smile when you hold my hand / I look at you and I understand / It sure feels good to love someone.”

Eldredge released the first single from his forthcoming third studio album, "Something I'm Good At," in February. The accompanying video provides plenty of laughs, with the singer causing a series of mishaps when he's distracted by his crush.

The "Don't Ya" singer will continue as an opening act for Bryan on his upcoming summer gig, the 2017 Huntin’, Fishin’, & Lovin’ Every Day Tour, which travels the U.S. through October.

Watch Brett Eldredge Sing "Sure Feels Good to Love Someone"

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