Brett Eldredge gave fans at his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour stop in St. Louis, Mo., on May 16 a treat: The country star performed an unreleased song, "Shade."

While "Shade" is an unreleased Eldredge track, his diehard fans know the lyrics, as viewers can hear in the video above. Back in 2011, Eldredge actually shared a video of himself performing the song acoustically at home.

"Then it hits me so, as these tires, they roll / How some things are meant to change / One day my steps might slow ... But these feelings, they won't fade / They cover me like shade," Eldredge sings in "Shade." "Little white lilies line the driveway's edge / She's sittin' there, just smiling on the sidewalk steps / Right away, my troubles, they just disappear ..."

The caption of Eldredge's 2011 video mentions that "Shade" is from his upcoming record; however, it never saw the light of day aside from that clip.

Eldredge's Dive Bar Tour show was an intimate show, held at a small bar with only a select few fans who won their way inside in attendance. During the show, Eldredge performed both some of his older songs and his latest material, and shared stories about how the songs were created and his favorite memories of performing them.

Ahead of Eldrede's Dive Bar Tour show, Taste of Country spoke to the star, who said that he had no plans in terms of a set list for the night. He wanted to focus on bringing the crowd back to the time when he was playing dive bars and smaller venues, hence the throwback songs in his set.

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