Brett Eldredge spent his Wednesday (Aug. 17) nursing his injured puppy back to health. Eldredge's new dog, Edgar, had a foot injury that resulted in a trip to the vet.

The "Wanna Be That Song" singer took his adorable four-legged friend to see the vet on Wednesday after he began limping. Originally, the singer was worried it was a broken leg and was cuddling the his dog before the veterinarian placed him on the silver table. Eldredge chronicled the vet visit and the results with his followers on Snapchat.

"At least your heart's still working," Eldredge said while the dog was being examined. The doctors fixed Edgar up with some pain medication before taking X-rays and giving the star some answers. Once the pair were back home, Eldredge updated his fans on Edgar's prognosis, showing the pup in a little blue cast and cone, probably looking as pitiful as he feels.

“He doesn’t like it so he’s been wearing the cone," Eldredge explained in a selfie video, referring to Edgar's cast. "He just got a broken toe. Everything’s not too bad, a few weeks."

Eldredge adopted the super cute dog roughly a month ago, calling him his "partner in crime." He recently began puppy training the dog. Follow the singer on Snapchat (bretteldredge) to stay up to date on all of his adventures with (and without) Edgar!

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