Up-and-coming country singer-songwriter Brooke Eden is taking fans inside the life of a rising country star in Nashville in her new video series Behind the Curtain With Brooke Eden. In the second episode, she tells us about making the leap and moving to Nashville.

Eden admits she had no idea what she was getting into when she left her native Florida for Music City.

"I didn't have a plan; I knew no one other than my roommates," she says in the video above, which is premiering on Taste of Country. "I had no idea what I was going to do."

She quickly made friends and contacts in the Nashville songwriting community, but it wasn't long before Eden realized how difficult it is for an unknown artist to earn money playing music in Nashville. Rather than take a day job and squeeze music into her remaining time, the enterprising entertainer flew home to Florida every two weeks and earned money playing shows on her established circuit, then spent two weeks in Nashville working on music and making contacts before repeating the cycle.

"That was how I made it through the first two-and-a-half years in Nashville until I got my record deal," she shares.

Eden co-wrote her current single, "Act Like You Don't," which was inspired by a breakup. It appears on her debut EP, Welcome to the Weekend, currently in release from Red Bow Records. Another of her songs titled "Diamonds" earned a spot in the TLC series Too Close to Home, and she also sings the title song of the Tyler Perry-produced series. Eden’s anthem "American Dreamin'" is featured in the newest X-Men movie, Logan, which opened in March.

The first episode of Behind the Curtain With Brooke Eden talked about the importance of learning to play an instrument. Join us each Monday for the next two weeks as Eden takes us behind the curtain on other topics, including getting a record deal and finding out who you are as an artist.

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