Bryan Martin is a modern-day desperado in his breakout single "We Ride." The up-and-coming country artist pulls back the curtain on a less-than-perfect life in this song.

Opting to jump right into things, Martin rips the Band-aid off and goes straight into the chorus. He reveals that while many people may know him for his songs, what they don't see is his rebellious side that always seems to be flirting with trouble.

"Well, I've been known to write a few songs / Lovin' and leavin' and gettin' too stoned / Bottle and a pistol by my side / The devil's always along for the ride," he sings in the opening lines.

Martin's words are accompanied by a Western-leaning guitar line, which gives the song its rugged charm.

What Is the Story Behind Bryan Martin's "We Ride"?

"We Ride" is a modern interpretation of Lee Clayton's 1978 song "Silver Stallion," with similar imagery laced throughout the lyrics. The song received notoriety in 1990 when it was covered by the Highwaymen's Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

Martin bares it all, touching the hearts of many country music fans in the process. The song is relatable to those who have face tough times, but also those who have leaned into their troubled ways because they see no way out.

The most beautiful aspect of the "We Ride" is Martin's authenticity: He's lived a rugged life both as a military veteran and a former bull rider. The country singer revealed in February that he would be entering a rehabilitation facility in Utah to deal with his alcohol addiction.

"I wanted to be the one to tell my fans first" he shared in a Facebook post. "So share the post whatever ya wanna do ... it may get taken down but I can promise you guys. I’m standing strong as always and I’ll be back in no time."

Martin is scheduled to open several shows for Morgan Wallen on his 2024 One Night at a Time Tour.

Here Are the Lyrics to Bryan Martin's "We Ride"


Well, I've been known to write a few songs / Lovin' and leavin' and gettin' too stoned / Bottle and a pistol by my side / The devil's always along for the ride

We ride down / To the creek by the water / I've been baptized by the preacher's daughter / Lucky for me now he never caught us though

Oh, we ride / To the bar by the levee / '85 jacked up square body Chevy / Blanket in the back for when it gets hot and heavy, oh

Oh, we ride / Pedal to the floorboard, she beggin' for more / Sippin' on apple pie moonshine / And I'll be gone by the morning light


We ride / Across state lines / Rubbin' two nickels just tryin' to make a dime / Hard to make a livin' while the gas is so high

Oh, we ride / Like a Harley on a two-lane, Palomino crossplane / Drop it down to four-wheel drive on a Friday night / Crackin' open a cold Bud Light

Oh, we ride / Pushin' through the hard love / Lookin' for my give-a-fuck, needle peggin 95 / But that's alright / 'Cause I'm runnin' every red light


Oh we ride / Oh we ride

Chorus 2x

Oh, along for that ride / The devil's always along for that ride

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