Bryan Martin's lifelong battle with addiction hit a road bump this week. The "We Ride" singer says he's entered rehab.

  • Bryan Martin is military veteran and former bull rider from Logansport, La.
  • He's signed to Average Joes, and his debut single "We Ride" is currently at No. 33 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.
  • Per his official bio, Martin is married with four children.

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"So ... first off I’m fine gonna be even better soon ... but I am in Utah in Rehab (sic)," Martin writes on Facebook. He goes on to explain how alcohol and addiction have always been a problem for him, so he's taking this time to get back on track.

"I wanted to be the one to tell my fans first ... so share the post whatever ya wanna do ... it may get taken down but I can promise you guys. I’m standing strong as always and I’ll be back in no time."

His candor in sharing this news is representative of who Martin is. Fans know he's been here before.

Who Is Bryan Martin?

The first paragraph of Martin’s biography alludes to a suicide attempt that he describes later. The modern traditionalist paints a picture of growing up in a broken or chaotic household, which led to drug and alcohol use as a teenager.

He dropped out of high school, but got clean in the military. After returning home, a feeling of failure led to him taking 30 Percocet and trying to shoot himself. The gun misfired.

“My first song came from a suicide note,” he shares.

Life has dealt him ups and downs in the 16 years since that day, and he’s resolved to be open about all of it.

"I wear the scars, and I’m learning to wear it better. The reason why I don’t hide anything is because there’s too many people that need to know that there is no difference between me and them."

It's not clear how long he'll remain in a rehabilitation facility or how the stay will effect future shows. His next concert is scheduled for Feb. 22 in Texas.

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