Say "Meat Dress!" Well, say something to get Lady Gaga to smile. The pop singer and country queen Miranda Lambert were seated next to each other at the 2012 Grammys earlier this month, and one photographer couldn't resist capturing the priceless moment on film. Lambert leans in with a soft grin for the photo, but Gaga only gives the lens an icy stare.

As it turns out, Lambert and Gaga ended up having a terrific time together. They have a lot in common, like the same taste in alcoholic beverages. Blake Shelton was also nearby, and he too had nothing but nice things to say about the 'Born This Way' singer. Perhaps she'll be the next pop star to give country music a real go, moreso than the countrified tease she gave us last year? Eh, maybe not.

Your job is to come up with a winning caption for this awkward moment in time. Leave your ideas in the comments section below. Use "Don't say something Lady Gaga wouldn't say" as a rule of thumb in how clean you should keep it. On second thought, use "Don't say something you wouldn't want your kids to hear Lady Gaga saying" as the rule.