Carly Pearce has much to be thankful for this holiday season after a year of success in light of her first No. 1 single and a new love with fellow singer Michael Ray. Pearce will head home to Kentucky on Friday — a day after she performs at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade — with Ray in tow.

In an interview with her label, Big Machine Label Group, Pearce admitted to enjoying the same indulgence as her father when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

"Pumpkin pie," she says. "It’s my dad’s favorite; my favorite. My mom makes a seriously amazing pumpkin pie, and I think that my dad and I ... she gets mad at us because we dabble into it before it’s probably time to, and she wants it to look perfect."

Pearce adds that while her mom wants the pie to look perfect and be eaten on a proper plate, she and her father aren't that fancy.

"My mom’s very much a perfectionist and wants everything to be set and nice, and my dad and I could care less. We’ll eat it off of a plastic plate, and she wants very pretty things, so we always get in trouble," she admits.

Pearce's debut single "Every Little Thing" was inspired by a devastating breakup the singer went through. She previously told Taste of Country that it took two years to work up the courage to put her pain to paper.

“I wrote it right out of my story," she says. "I was in a relationship that I would say was the first true love that I had and it fell apart, and it fell apart pretty fast, and I wanted to tell my story.”

Completing "Every Little Thing" helped the singer get the closure she needed.“I felt like that was the moment when it really shut the door and locked it,” she says. "I cried, but it was good. It was liberating."

Now, she and Ray are in love, and she's not even nervous about taking him to spend time with her family on their first Thanksgiving together. "Oh gosh, no," she tells Taste of Country, adding, "I might as well have a ring on my finger."

Who knows what Christmas might bring?

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