Carly Pearce has filed for divorce from Michael Ray, but don't expect her to go spilling the details of their relationship in the press. In a new interview, the country singer remains circumspect about the split, saying, "Things happen, and I think it's just something that has to stay between the two of us."

Pearce and Ray married in October of 2019 after a very public whirlwind courtship, and she stunned fans and the country music industry when she filed for divorce in June of 2020. Neither she nor her estranged husband has talked publicly about the reasons for their decision to separate.

"Hopefully, people respect us to understand that we are humans and I certainly didn't get married to get divorced," Pearce tells ET Canada in a recent appearance.

"I'm way stronger than I thought," she says when asked what she's learned about herself from the experience.

Pearce adds that people shouldn't look at artists and believe that their lives are perfect.

"That's just not a reality for any of us," she states. "I think when you go through a lot of changes in every aspect of your life, you kind of realize that imperfections are kind of what make us all ourselves."

Pearce released a new song titled "Next Girl" in September, and though she has not said so, the song's lyrics invite speculation as to whether she's obliquely addressing her split from Ray.

"He knows how to say all the right things / Knows how to get you outta that dress / Knows how to make you think you’re the best thing / But I know what happens next, girl," she sings.

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