Based on her stunning appearance on the CMT Awards June 10 alone, fans would never guess Carrie Underwood had just given birth to her baby boy Isaiah a few months prior, let alone had a C-section delivery.

Underwood recently revealed that detail and her recovery process to E! News, explaining how she wasn't able to get back in the gym immediately after having her son.

"I couldn't work out for a few weeks because I ended up having to have a cesarean — blah, blah, blah, too much information," she tells E! lightheartedly. In addition to altering her diet, she says, "I made it happen where I can, when I can pretty much."

Whatever Underwood did, it worked. The superstar looked just as gorgeous as ever performing on television for the first time post-baby at the CMT Awards. But being back in the spotlight as one of country’s biggest performers doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her new role as mom.

"I schedule things around feedings and stuff like that," she explains. "Anything I do I'm like, every three hours, 'I gotta go feed my baby!'"

Underwood performed her second new track from her Greatest Hits album, ‘Little Toy Guns,’ at the CMT Awards, and fans were thrilled to see her back in action. The singer looked ecstatic to be on stage again, and delivered a flawless performance of the powerful tune.

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