Carrie Underwood has appeared on the Ellen show 10 times since her success on American Idol, and what better way to celebrate than scaring her half to death?

Ellen DeGeneres has become known for her love for startling people when they least expect it, so much so that celebrities are often on guard for it. This time, to celebrate Underwood’s 10th appearance, DeGeneres went big.

First, DeGeneres had a photo from 10 years ago resurface on the screen behind Underwood and her, showing off their looks from a decade previous. The two reminisced and commented about how much their style has improved since then, and all was calm.

""Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!" Underwood said, clearly a little embarrassed at her post-Idol look. "Well...all right!"

DeGeneres commented that Underwood looked beautiful, but she made sure to clarify for herself that she has gotten better since then.

Underwood replied, "I think we both got [better]."

The photo faded away, and as DeGeneres commented that she should give Underwood a gift to celebrate her 10th appearance, a man dressed to look like Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher in his hockey uniform exploded out of the side table between the women.

Underwood’s scream was legendary.

“Oh my gosh! Come on!” she said immediately, disappointed in herself that she’d fallen for it…again.

View the clip above to see Underwood get the royal scare treatment on Ellen. The artist also performed her most recent single, “Dirty Laundry.” View her stellar performance of the sassy story song below.

Underwood has been performing as part of her Storyteller Tour in places like Alaska as well as spending some well-deserved time at home with her dogs, her toddler Isaiah and of course, her husband. She's slated to host the CMA Awards for the ninth consecutive year with Brad Paisley Nov. 2.

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