A new Carrie Underwood once again finds her lingering in the memory of an ex-lover. "Give Her That" dropped Friday (Aug. 11) ahead of the deluxe version of her Denim & Rhinestones album.

  • The deluxe version of Denim & Rhinestones drops Sept. 22 and features six new songs.
  • She's already shared two of those new songs, "Take Me Out" and her radio single, "Out of That Truck."
  • On Sept. 10, Underwood returns to open Sunday Night Football on NBC.

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She shared the news of the new song on social media on Thursday (Aug. 11), adding video from the studio to amplify excitement.

"And that's a fact / She's probably perfect / In every way / I'll give her that," she sings in one clip.

The second social clip only offers what could be the closing line of each chorus. See the full song and lyrics to "Give Her That" below.

"Give Her That describes a woman reminding a man of all the things he gave her first. The chorus refers to his mama's necklace and "wild summer nights where I learned all your secrets," and then an "Old school Skynyrd tee that I still sleep in." 

Underwood, David Garcia and Lydia Vaughn wrote "Give Her That." The mother of two is no longer smashing headlights and carving up leather seats. Instead, she's planting a seed of poison in the mind of a man who did her wrong, then stepping back to watch it sprout.

The other three unreleased songs from the deluxe album are "Drunk and Hungover," "Damage" and "She Don't Know" (live from the Denim & Rhinestones Tour).

Carrie Underwood, "Give Her That" Lyrics:

She's beautiful / Looks good in a sundress hangin' on your arm / She's champagne sweet / A Covergirl face full of southern bell charm / I Can't deny it / She's got a lot of things that I'll never have / And that's a fact / She's probably perfect in every way / I'll give her that / But you can't give her that …

Old school Skynyrd tee that I still sleep in / Your mama's necklace, 'cause she wanted me to keep it / Every kiss, every minute that you spent on me / Every memory, you can't give her those / Wild summer nights where I learned all your secrets / Those I love yous that already fell off your lips / That part of your heart that you gave me and you can't get back / You can't give her that.

Red roses / You can leave 'em on the counter for her when she gets home / Give her that left side of your bed / House key and a top drawer of her own / I Can't deny it / She's got a lot of things that I'll never have / And that's a fact / Evan a diamond / Slide it on her hand / Go on and give her that / But you can't give her that …

Repeat Chorus

She has your future and your attention / I got the you that she don't know she's missing / Yeah, there's a few things that she's never getting / You can't give her that.

Repeat Chorus

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