Carrie Underwood's new radio single "Hate My Heart" is a different kind of vocal showcase for the three-time ACM Entertainer of the Year winner. She'll rely on every second of her cardio training to perform it live.

"Hate My Heart" is a three-minute-long sprint that — after a five-bar intro — offers just one vocal-free bar before the end. Those less vocally talented that Underwood (all of us) may find themselves breathing heavy midway through a listen. While not her rangiest song of all time or even the one that requires emotional nuance, it's among her most urgent.

Fans are applauding her team's decision to follow her most recent single "Ghost Story" up with this wall of sound, but its success at radio will be decided by how it hits when played four to eight times daily.

Lyrically, Underwood teamed up with Hardy, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia to tell a story of a woman wishing her heart would let her date again after a bad breakup. An aggressive arrangement evokes anger more than pity — Team Underwood hit a singular, relatable moment of emotional recovery with "Hate My Heart."

Did You Know?: Underwood, Garcia and Lindsey teamed up to write seven of the 12 tracks on her latest album, Denim & Rhinestones. Several, like "Hate My Heart," included a fourth songwriter.

Listen to Carrie Underwood, "Hate My Heart":

Carrie Underwood's "Hate My Heart" Lyrics:

I'm free as a bird, no ties / Nothin' keeping my wings from flying high / And going out on the town on a Saturday night / 'Cause he's gone, with the wind / And Lord knows I deserve to be flirted with / But the only problem is …

I hate my heart right now / Underneath the covers in the dark right now / Wishin' I was sitting in a bar right now / Two drinks in / Making me a last call friend / I want my feel good back / Instead of feeling bad that I can't get past / The fact that I can't love nobody else / I would if I could, but I don't know how / I hate my heart right now.

I hate my heart right now / I don't want him back, that ain't it / But this thing in my chest just can't forget / It keeps beating for him and it just won't quit.

Repeat Chorus

One day I pray he'll stay out of my head / I keep waiting but it ain't happened yet.

Repeat Chorus

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