Carrie Underwood gave the television debut of her romantic tune "Heartbeat" on the 2015 American Music Awards with a stellar performance Sunday night (Nov. 22).

Surrounded by a magical set alight with candles, Underwood wore a stunning red gown and performed in the center, fog sprawling at her feet. She sang the song with a tender air and her signature vocal skills, putting genuine feeling into the seductive tune. The line “tonight I wanna drive so far we’ll only find static on the radio” rang true as the set transformed into a moonlit scene in the woods, awash in a filter of red for the elegant performance.

The song, co-written by Underwood, appears on her new album Storyteller, and it was released as a promotional single in early October. It’s a perfect blend of Underwood’s pop and country styles, with a driving rhythmic beat and catchy melody.

Underwood recently hosted the 2015 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley, where she performed her hit “Smoke Break,” also from Storyteller. The artist is gearing up for the album’s tour in 2016.

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