It’s confirmed: both of Carrie Underwood’s men — big and little — are studs (as if there were any real doubt). The superstar posted a series of photos from a wedding the family participated in over the weekend, and both husband Mike Fisher and son Isaiah were looking dapper.

From the photos, it appears Isaiah may have been the ring bearer, judging by his finely pressed white button-down and suspenders and the fact that he was walking next to girls who could easily be flower girls. It’s unclear whether Fisher or Underwood were part of the wedding ceremony, but either way, Fisher was dressed to impress (as we’re sure Underwood was, but she didn’t post a photo of herself below the neck).

The photo in the first frame shows Fisher holding his son’s hand and walking in front of what looks like a vintage-chic silo, and the cuteness is almost too much to handle. The next shows Isaiah with his flower girl crew, and the final one is a selfie of Underwood and her hubs.

Underwood captioned the photos with a sweet sentiment surrounding the beautiful wedding and their friends’ marriage, but also included a comment about her guys.

“On a separate note: my boys looked so handsome!” she wrote, complete with two heart emojis.

See Pictures of Carrie and Mike Together

Underwood and Fisher recently celebrated seven years of marriage, and Isaiah is now two years old. When she’s not busy saving the world with her family or backseat driving in a Power Wheels car, she’s busy opening Sunday Night Football games. Fisher recently retired from the NHL, so his wife is gearing up to enjoy a lot more quality time with her main men.

“Isaiah and I love you so much and are so excited to be able to have you home a lot more,” she wrote on Instagram after he announced his retirement.

Fisher recently led the Nashville Predators to the Stanley Cup Finals, which brought out a slew of country stars to sing the National Anthem at the playoff games, including Underwood herself.

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