Sorry, Mike Fisher. It appears that your wife, Carrie Underwood, thinks you have a seriously dorky sense of humor — and your dog, Penny, agrees!

Underwood poked some fun at her retired NHL star hubby on Thursday (June 7), posting a shot on Instagram of Fisher laughing while pup Penny gives him the side eye in a perfect "Are you serious?" kind of look.

"My face when Mike tells a joke," Underwood scrawled across the photo as an explanation, and added for good measure in the caption, "Penny and I are on the same page."

She tagged it #DadJokes, so we can only guess at what level of cheese Fisher was managing to achieve. (What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese!)

Perhaps Fisher should offer his skills up for the next country music awards show. He and Underwood made a stunning appearance on the red carpet for the 2018 CMT Awards on June 6, where Underwood also wowed with a performance of her current single, "Cry Pretty," and picked up the award for Female Video of the Year for "The Champion." A little bit of humor could only add to their reign on the country music scene — and would be certainly something to bark about!

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