Carrie Underwood dealt with, and is still dealing with, the fears, anxieties and stresses every working mother has to deal with. She admits "mommy guilt" follows her whenever she's away from (almost) 8-month-old Isaiah.

Parts of Storyteller were written before she became pregnant, but once she recovered and got into a routine with her new baby, she knew it was time to get back to work. She started very slowly, she tells Taste of Country.

"I started doing like, two days a week," Underwood says. "And where I write, it’s in the woods. I have these cabins. One is like my writing (cabin) and the other one is a little weekend vacation place. And he was over in the other cabin, so I was right there.”

Still, she had to fight off feeling like she wasn't doing enough, or ideas that she was missing an important milestone.

“Mommy guilt is so real. It’s so real and I feel it everyday. I feel it right now, sitting here talking to you because I’m not home with him," she admits.

Eventually, Underwood will begin a full tour, and even though Isaiah is coming with her, she admits this brings a whole new set of worries and anxieties.

“Sometimes I just sit there and I’m like, ‘I’m kind of sorry that this is your life, traveling around. I’m sure you’d just rather be home in your space. And you’re in this hotel room in Lord knows where. Or you’re on a bus.'”

Setting aside for her emotions for a moment, Underwood acknowledges that even when she's not with him, Isaiah is with people who love him. But like so many mothers, she never feels like she's doing enough.

Storyteller drops on Oct. 23 and features the current single "Smoke Break" as well as the two additional instant-grat tracks she's released to those who pre-order: "Heartbreak" and "Renegade Runaway."

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