The Nashville Predators have done it again! Nashville's beloved NHL team have become the first team in the league to win a spot in the upcoming playoffs, and Carrie Underwood is teasing some special surprises she's apparently helping cook up to make the run special.

Underwood is married to the Preds' team captain, Mike Fisher, and last year she was one of a long list of country stars who took the ice to deliver surprise versions of the national anthem before playoff games. Lady AntebellumVince Gill and his daughters, Little Big TownKeith Urban and more top stars were among the surprise artists who performed the anthem in 2017. That helped whip Predators fans in Nashville into a frenzy of support, and Underwood says this year, she's got something else up her sleeve.

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"Last year, I was so proud to be the Captain’s wife and loved being able to contribute to the excitement of the playoffs by coming out to perform the anthem at the first game," Underwood writes in an email to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "I had so much fun and wanted to continue to support the team by asking a few of my friends to get in on the action. Like all of the Preds fans, I’m thrilled that Mike is back on the ice and I love that we are able to bring the music and hockey worlds together this way."

Predators President and CEO Sean Henry is equally tight-lipped about the details, but he tells the Tennessean that whatever they're working up, it's a one-of-a-kind idea.

"What we have planned this year for the first round has never been done before for a playoff game," he says. "We're investing a lot of resources to pull off something really special."

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