The year has started off with a bang for Carrie Underwood. She's a busy, busy, busy gal. In a new blog post for her fan club, which was accessed by MJsBigBlog, Underwood revealed that she'll officially start promoting her new album next week.

That means there are three photo shoots on the docket, meetings with her handlers and label to discuss ideas about the album, and a single launch on the way. That's all good news for Carrie Underwood fans.

Additionally, she'll shoot the video for the lead single at the end of the month, and in an effort to be efficient with her time, she will shoot the video for the second single not long after that so it's done and in the can. That way, she won't have to wait until her second single is a hit in order to knock out a video. She also won't have to struggle to find time to film a new video when she is smack dab in the middle of the album cycle, either.

That means that Underwood and her label have already chosen the album's one-two punch: the first pair of singles. Obviously, things are rolling professionally for the 'Before He Cheats' singer.

Personally, she shared an update on Stella, the dog she rescued over the holidays. Underwood saved Stella on a highway, took her for emergency room care and then promptly placed the pooch with neighbors so she could enjoy visitation rights.

Underwood said Stella is thriving in her new home and that the couple that adopted the pup already sent the singer pictures. Good news all around!