Fresh off the release of her newest single, “Smoke Break,” and its corresponding sexy desert music video, Carrie Underwood visited the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Thursday night (Sept. 10) to perform the powerful anthem and talk with Fallon about a little mishap that ended in her brother-in-law breaking a car window to save her son.

The artist took the stage and delivered a flawless performance of the new tune, prompting Fallon to exclaim afterward, “You’re the real deal, man, ah, I love you!” Judging by the audience reaction, they felt the same way.

Underwood broke out an acoustic guitar for the song, a new addition for the singer-songwriter, who typically takes a vocals-only role. She nailed the soaring melody, blending seamlessly with her background vocalists and looking stunning, as usual, in a black jumper-like ensemble and short black booties, a sheer cape draping behind her.

New mom Underwood also took some time to tell Fallon and his audience about the recent incident, in which her baby boy, Isaiah, was locked in the car by her apparently scheming dogs.

"Maybe it was their evil plot," she laughed. "We were at the airport and. . . you've gotta get your luggage, so we got out of the car, shut the door — the car was running, the radio was on, air conditioning going — and the second we shut the doors, the dog jumped up on the control panel and the doors locked. We spent the next half hour trying to [get them to unlock it]. I was convinced they could do it again!"

Unfortunately, the dogs were unable to repeat the trick on command, so the family had to break into the car. She tweeted about the episode after it happened, and made sure to clarify that though a window did have to be broken to get to Isaiah, it was her brother-in-law that stepped up to make the rescue. Underwood says Isaiah was not worried, as he was laughing in the back seat the entire time.

Underwood is busy finishing up her fifth studio album, Storyteller, set to release Oct. 23. “Smoke Break” is the only track available for download yet, but the full track list has now been released.

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