While everyone is preparing to be "blown away" by Carrie Underwood's role as Maria von Trapp in the upcoming live television broadcast of 'Sound of Music,' she is making sure it's clear that she's not trying to take the place of the iconic Julie Andrews. Instead, she's going to put her own spin on it.

According to People, the 'Two Black Cadillacs' hitmaker explains that she wouldn't even think to overshadow the British star, who she says "just has this royal air," adding, "It would be like you're beneath her!"

In fact, the powerhouse vocalist explains that the television version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical will be quite different than the Oscar-winning movie. She adds, "I think once people tune in and realize that [our version] is not a remake, they won't compare it to the movie."

While this is unlike anything Underwood has done, she's excited about showcasing her talent, which was first discovered on the hit show 'American Idol.' “It’s a giant challenge, which I appreciate,” she says. “Everybody keeps saying, ‘People don’t do this anymore, singing live!’”

Although Underwood and Andrews have never met, the previous 'Maria' singer has stated that she'd love to know the country star. Sounds like the feeling is mutual!

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